Staff Health Challenge: Switch it Up

So I’m a few weeks into my health challenge and though I’m constantly tempted by the cookies and scones that are brought into the office, I feel like I’ve made some progress. At the very least I’m learning more about my body. Marc Hochstein, who totally resembles Christian Bale AND happens to be my trainer at Manhattan Plaza Health Club (wink, wink), taught me something new the other day. He explained that you can’t do the exact same workout twice or your body will outsmart you and the muscles will get lazy. So he suggested switching it up every time we do our sessions in terms of the order we do exercises and also the intensity with which we do them.

Last week we focused more on my legs by doing a combination of hard-core lunges and seated leg curls—which is why afterward, every time I sat down or walked up and down stairs I let out a Spanish expletive (something along the lines of hijo de la gran p—a!). This week, however, we're working my arms by doing chest presses, close grip pulldowns, lateral arm raises with 5-pound dumbells, and my favorite, the rope extension. I won’t lie and say I don’t look in the mirror while I’m doing these and imagine my biceps being ripped like Marc’s. OK, maybe not that ripped, but something close to it. Before and after pics to come!