Staff Health Challenge: Steady Chefin'

One of the suggestions Christina Persaud had for me when we were talking about nutrition and healthy eating was that I cook a lot on Sundays in preparation for the week ahead. The philosophy behind this tip is that if you have delish, healthy food already prepared you will be less likely to reach for, say, a candy bar in a fit of hunger. At least that was the approach we were taking. So last week I cooked up a bunch of food on Sunday! From chicken breasts to cod fish, to couscous to rice and beans (yes! they are good for you!). And let me say, it was so easy to stick to the menu when things were prepared ahead of time.

Another great tip is to make things that are really versatile. I can not eat something that tastes the same day after day, I love food and variety too much to torture myself like that! So, I prepared chicken breasts that could be paired with whole wheat pasta for an Italian meal, or diced up and tossed with some Mexican spices if I was in the mood for a fajita. This plan totally worked and I managed to lose another 2 lbs this week! YAY!