Staff Health Challenge: Saying Adios to Body Hang-Ups

I just got back from a wonderful trip to the Dominican Republic, and frankly I wish I was still there—soaking up that Caribbean sunshine, diving into the buffet food and chilling by the pool while checking out the eye candy.

But before my friend and I headed out, we had an important task at hand: finding the perfect bathing suit. My last one was a red H&M bikini top and boy shorts I bought five (yup, five!) years ago. Not long before that, I’d chill at the beach in jeans and a big T-shirt—that’s how uncomfortable I was in my own skin. I didn’t want anybody else seeing any bit of it. Seems a bit extreme and ridiculous now, huh?

This time around, I wanted to stop worrying about how I looked. I wanted to stop picturing myself as a sunbathing skeleton, find a cute two-piece and not hide under a towel the entire time! Most of all, I wanted to feel comfy showing off what I was given and appreciate every piece of it.

Well, mission accomplished!

Those few pounds I’d gained before the trip might not have been much, but they gave my self-esteem such a boost! I loved wearing my bikinis: I chose this two-piece from American Eagle and this sexier one from Victoria’s Secret. The freedom that came with letting go of some of my body issues is something I could definitely get used to.