Staff Health Challenge: Keeping Promises

While at home in Ecuador on vacation, my dad and I made a promise to each other: we are going to exercise regularly. Of course, I’m already doing that as part of the health challenge, but somehow making a promise to papi makes it all that more official—I can’t slack, especially since I know that he’s swimming his heart out three times a week for an hour.

I asked Marc about the benefits of swimming versus regular cardio and he said it’s great because it doesn’t put any pressure on the joints, which is perfect for my pops, who’s 65. But he also said that the body’s metabolism works at a higher rate as the body’s temperature increases, so when you’re swimming in cold water, the metabolism doesn’t kick along at the (same) high rate than if you’re doing the same amount of exercise out of the water. In addition, it is believed that cold temperature increases your appetite, so you’re more likely to scarf down a burger and fries once you get out. So basically if you’re going to take a dip, make sure the water’s warm.

That said, I still love to swim because I feel every single part of my body working and I love that tired, dizzy feeling after some 50 laps. My gym, the MPHC, has a fantastic pool. Any routine bores me, so now that it’s summer I’ll alternate the cardio routine consisting mainly of the treadmill and outdoor runs with some pool time and maybe a little tanning—that is, if the Sun ever decides to show her face in NYC ever again.