Staff Health Challenge: Getting into the Groove

I might have gotten off to a rocky start, but since seeing some results I've gotten on track. For starters, I’ve been eating breakfast before I walk out the door in the morning instead of four hours after I wake up. Nutritionist Christina Persaud said that not only was I missing out on chances to pack in extra calories to my diet, but that I was also messing around with my metabolism by having my first meal so late. And she was right. I’d often get a headache during my commute and get to work ravenous and cranky: an awesome recipe for inattentiveness.

Now I’ll have a ham and egg omelet on a bagel with a banana milkshake to get my engine going. Because I get hungry earlier when I eat breakfast, I have to grab a snack within two hours (I’m partial to Quaker Instant Oatmeal). Then it’s lunch—away from my desk—around 2 PM, a couple handfuls of peanuts towards the end of the workday and dinner once I get home. And, of course, lots of water in between!

I’m making an effort to eat a meal roughly every four hours to keep my blood sugar level steady rather than have it dip and spike. In turn, my energy levels remain constant throughout the day and I don’t feel like crawling under my desk for a nap after a full meal. Which is nice since I’m pretty positive they’d frown upon that here at work.

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