Staff Health Challenge: The End of the Beginning

Well, kids. I’ve come to the end of my 90-day health challenge. At times it was hard, others it was damn near impossible to keep up. But somehow I did it, and for the most part, I’m proud of myself (I could’ve held out on those churros, but alas, you only live once). Not only have I gotten over the whole skinny fat girl trauma of not being able to wear sleeveless clothes, but I think I’m at a point where I can rock a bikini and feel comfortable (I did buy some new cute ones on my last trip to Rio). And my trainer, Marc at MPHC, has been so awesome, I really have to thank him for pushing me just the right amount to where I never felt intimidated in the weight room, I just felt motivated. I guess doing this has truly changed my way of thinking—working out doesn’t just help you look better, which is great (so many cute outfits to wear!) it helps you feel and radiate that from the inside in, and it gives you the hope of living a long and healthy life.

Here’s to the beginning of a new, for the most part, healthy lifestyle. And a churro here and there. ¡Salud!