Staff Health Challenge: Dorkys's Rocky Start

I can’t believe we’re only one week into this challenge and I’m already struggling. I thought once we started my mind would just shift gears and I’d be well on my way to 90+ lbs bliss. Old habits sure die hard! I might have gone shopping for all the right foods, but they aren’t making their way into my mouth.

This week, I continued to let work and other to-dos get in the way of meal times. Instead of eating every four hours (as nutritionist Persaud suggested), I stretched out how long I could go before my body started punishing me (cue the headaches, light-headedness and stomach pains).

And I’ve come to realize the reason behind this: poor time management. Running around knowing I have X, Y, Z to do within the next hour leaves little room to step away from my desk and not only eat, but actually enjoy a full meal. I’ve let everything—and everyone—else come before my health and frankly it’s about time I put my foot down, because honestly, that’s completely unacceptable.

New on the to-do list: create a schedule and remember I come first.