Staff Health Challenge: Dear Diary...

So after my French fry binge I asked Marc, my trainer from MPHC, for some advice. I was spazzing, in all honesty, saying how I had derailed the entire health challenge and if I didn’t do something about it, I was going to end up the skinny fat girl forever, wearing the same J Crew one-piece swimsuit for the rest of my life. So Marc told me to chill, and he also shared with me the same advice he gave his sister.

"It's a lifestyle change, but you don’t have to kill yourself," he explained, "Moderation is the key." But since we’ve already established that moderation isn’t really my estilo when it comes to the greasy foods I love, he suggested I take a look at my eating habits as a whole via a food diary—surely there are some areas where I can improve (and others where I might be surprised at how well I’m doing in terms of making an effort).

His sister was working out regularly but she wasn't seeing results, so Marc recommended she keep a food journal. "Try it for one week," he suggested, "You'll see results. It's a short time and it's something you can easily do. Write down what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner and any snacks in between, as well as the times you had them and an approximation of the calories for each. Review it at the end of the week and you’ll understand your habits more—ask yourself: am I eating when I'm bored? Was I really hungry?" It totally changed the way his sister was eating and she's already lost 2 pounds as a result.

Marc's advice is solid. At the end of the day, I can have the best workout ever but I can easily mess it up with what I'm eating. But I'm slowly changing my ways, Today, for instance, I started my day off right with a bowl of Kashi cereal high in fiber and skim milk! Now if I can only manage to stay away from those fries...

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