Staff Health Challenge: Body Image 101

The other weekend I went home and my mom, being a bit biased, was going on and on about how great I looked. But when I told her I wanted to lose 10 more pounds she glanced at me with a worried look on her face, "You don't need to be all crazy skinny and anorexic like those blanquita models, you know?"

I told my mother that of course I knew that and reassured her that my goal wasn't to become "all anorexic like a blanquita model" but rather to get my body to a weight that would put my BMI number squarely in the middle of the "average" zone. I know I'm a curvy lady and have never wanted to diminish my hourglass figure. It's something I embrace and love about myself! But when I spoke to my doctor about losing more weight she told me I didn't have to worry too much about my BMI and explained that I was well within my healthy weight range.

But I still want to lose a little more weight! Do you think it is become I'm falling prey to everything around us that tells us women that we should all look a certain way?