Staff Health Challenge: Bad for the Body, Good for the Soul?

Since I started this health challenge, I’ve been thinking a lot more about how food makes me feel. I’ve noticed which ones make me feel sick after I’m done and which ones take me straight to my happy place.

Isn’t it interesting how food has that instant ability to change your mood? I’ve realized that there are a couple of staples I turn to when I’m feeling blue and need a boost.

Up until a year ago, I’d head over to Mickey D’s in search of comfort and buy—what else?—a Happy Meal. But in the past months, my go-to foods have had a growth spurt. Yesterday I turned to Jamba Juice to soothe my soul with an all-fruit mango smoothie. Today’s happy meal is a delicious chicken pad thai from Pongsri that I know always hits the spot. And when I get that craving for a juicy burger, I opt for better quality meat by going to City Burger instead.

I’ve been trying to choose foods that will not only make me feel better, but also won’t destroy my insides in the process, because that whole “bad for the body, good for the soul” mentality is such a lame excuse.

What are your comfort foods?