Staff Health Challenge: Back on the Wagon

So the last two weeks in NYC have been absolutely miserable and I hate to admit it, but I've totally fallen off with my workouts! Luckily, its supposed to be sunny this weekend and I'm going to use the respite to get my butt back into motion by taking a run in the park. Even though I've managed to keep the weight off without my regular workout routine for the last two weeks, I really miss the way that keeping my body active made me feel—especially the extra energy and the strength I had begun to build.

But at least I've stayed mindful of what I eat! I can honestly say that this challenge has made me change the way I think about food. Christine was totally right when she advised us to stop seeing food as "good" or "bad." When you become more mindful of the effect that it has on your body it motivates you to eat the kinds of food that make you feel good. Drinking water and eating more fruit has totally helped me out. Since I upped my water intake, I've noticed an improvement in my skin and contrary to what I expected, I've actually begun to feel less bloated!

I'm pledging this week to get back on the wagon and to get my body in motion. I have one week left until my trip to Lake Tahoe and I'm determined to feel great in the skin I'm in.