Staff Health Challenge: Attention Please!

So you know how I started this whole thing to get more balance and health into my life? Well, yeah—that has been great. Even my boyfriend is losing weight and we've been working out together and feeling fantastic. The extra energy I have has been a major bonus as well.

But I've got be honest. My biggest motivation this last week is definitely the attention I've been getting from my friends and family. Everyone has commented on how good I look. I'm not excessively vain or anything but being told you look great, well, it feels great! I guess ten pounds on a 5'4" fame really makes a difference. My clothes fit me much better now and I'm pretty sure I've been carrying myself with a little extra confidence these days which always helps.

All the positive attention has kept me working out and watching what I eat, because even though I'm really proud of how far I've come, I know I can keep at it and look even better by the time I have to slip into my bikini. Alas, the downside of all of this is that I seem to have hit a plateau. I've been maintaining my current weight, but those last 5 pounds aren't budging! Stay tuned to find out if I can manage to break on through to the other side.