This Spanish Artist Paints Her Stretch Marks And It’s So Inspiring


If you’ve got stretch marks (or tiger stripes as we like to call ‘em round these parts), and they make you self-conscious, 21-year-old artist Cinta Tort Cartró wants to change your perspective.

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Once insecure about her stretch marks, Tort Cartró decided to flip the script and celebrate—not denigrate—the parts of her that she felt pressure to hide. So she started painting her—and other women’s—marks in bold, rainbow colors to help de-stigmatize what society tells us are flaws and empower other women.

“One day I started to see them as a different form,” the artist and elementary school teacher, told People. “I was thinking about aesthetic pressure, and I decided to paint my stretch marks.”

She began posting the images on social media and people went wild for it. A scroll through her Instagram feed (@zineta) reveals women of all shades, shapes, and walks of life, confidently baring their bodies for all to see, and to accept.

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Encouraged by the positive response, Cartró created the #manchoynomedoyasco series where she paints menstruation in similar bright fashion using vibrant colors and glitter and #freethenipple where she adorns nipples in colorful flowers, both movements designed to remove taboos.



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We love Cartro’s mission to make women feel more comfortable in their bodies and love all parts of themselves. We might just be bold enough to paint ourselves and post and join the movement…

H/T: People