Sneeze Control

Depending on where you live, allergy season may seem like it never actually goes away, with sneezing and wheezing in all but a few months of the year. Although meds or allergy shots are necessary for some, here are a few natural ways to help keep the watery eyes and runny nose to a minimum:

1. Keep track of local pollen counts and, if possible, stay indoors when levels are high.

2. Pets are walking allergen carriers, so bathe Fido frequently or keep him outside.

3. Leave your shoes at the door. You’ll avoid tracking allergens into the house (and, bonus, keep your floors cleaner).

4. Yes, it’s nasty to think about, but your pillow contains millions of dust mites that can aggravate your allergies. So invest in mattress and pillow covers.

5. Clean out your stuffy nose with a saline rinse: mix one teaspoon of salt with a glass of warm water and drip some of the solution into each nostril.

6. Acupuncture can relieve fatigue associated with allergies or remove symptoms altogether.

7. Jump in the shower and wash your hair immediately after doing any yard work.

8. Time for house cleaning? A mask will protect you from those dust bunnies—or you could just pass those fun tasks on to someone else.