Slimming Tricks For Autumn Treats

The leaves are changing and the weather is cooling, which means that fall is finally here! With autumn comes lots of temptation to splurge on those tasty seasonal treats. Since the average person gains around ten to fifteen pounds during the holiday season (ay-ay-ay!), making a few small changes can make all the difference. 

1. Autumn Treats: Pumpkin Bread

Treat: Pumpkin Bread

There’s something almost nostalgic about the smell of pumpkin bread baking in the oven. While a small slice of this treat won’t kill your waistline, most slices served at parties or at home are double or triple the serving size, which can rack up the calories quick. In addition, most of these breads are loaded with fat and sugar.

Slimming Trick: A few simple changes can lower the calories content, such as- cooking with egg whites instead of eggs, substituting apple sauce for oil and using less sugar. Also, many stores offer seasonal pumpkin butter, which is delicious on top of some warm whole wheat bread, and a healthier option. 

2. Autumn Treats: Candy

Treat: Candy

Candy and fall are quite the delicious pairing. Especially with Halloween close, candy is everywhere you turn (have you been to the grocery store lately?). So what’s a candy loving chica to do this time of year?

Slimming Trick: The best way to feed your sweet tooth with out going overboard is with bite size candy bars. Many of these candy bars are less than 100 calories, so you can taste your favorite candy with out hurting your waistline. The only trick is being able to stop at just one treat! Also, Skinny Cow (yes, the same brand that makes those low fat ice cream sandwiches) has a line of chocolate candies that have less than 110 calories a serving. Dig in!

3. Autumn Treats: Caramel Apples

Treat: Caramel Apples

Nothing says fall like caramel apples! The problem is, most caramel apples served at stores and pumpkin patches are full of fat and calories. 

Sliming Trick: Slice an apple and dip in low fat caramel instead! This is a great way to enjoy this traditional fall treat with out racking up the calories, and it very tasty!

4. Autumn Treats: Hot Chocolate

Treat: Hot Chocolate

Hot cocoa is a favorite fall and winter treat for kids and adults alike. However, drinking hot chocolate- especially at popular coffee shops- can be loaded with fat and calories.

Sliming Trick: Chose low-fat milk and ask for one pump of chocolate in your drink instead of two. Also, make sure you ask them to hold the whip cream which will cut some calories as well. 

5. Autumn Treats: Caramel Corn

Treat: Caramel Corn

Caramel corn is a delicious fall treat that everyone can enjoy. The problem with most caramel corn is with all the caramel, butter, and salt, this treat can be a very unhealthy option.

Sliming Trick: To feed your fall sweet tooth make your own caramel corn using less butter and a brown sugar substitute such as splenda. Or opt for a healthier in-store brand such as 479 Fleur de Sel Caramel Corn.