5 Easy Ways to Slim Down As a Family

There's finally some good news for anyone who is concerned about the growing childhood obesity epidemic in our country and in the Latino community in particular.

It looks like efforts to get kids healthier are finally paying off after a comprehensive new report, published online in the journal Pediatrics, found that the trend toward healthier habits may be halting the rise of obesity among teens. The research found that the nation's adolescents are actually now exercising more, watching less TV, eating more fruits and vegetables and even drinking fewer sugary drinks.

Latinos still have some of the highest obesity rates in the country though, according to the CDC's Office of Minority Health. If you're looking to get your familia healthier (and maybe lose a little weight), we've got the 5 easy ways to slim down as a family.

1. family weightloss slide 01 biking

Let's Bike Together!

It doesn't have to be National Bike Month (that's May, if you didn't know) for you and your family to enjoy a leisurely ride around town. Make a weekly date to ride bikes with your family, and you'll all enjoy the benefits of getting a workout while also having a fun time together.

2. family weightloss slide 02 cooking

Enjoy Time in the Kitchen

The family that cooks together, slims down together! It might take a bit of convincing to pry the lard away from abuelita and have her use heart-healthy olive oil instead, but cooking together as a family while learning some healthier techniques will help everyone get in on the fun.

3. family weightloss slide 03 soccer

Play Some Futbol

There's nothing quite like burning some calories while running around and having fun with the family! Whether your family are big soccer fanatics or you're just starting out, get the kids involved for some family time that nobody will even realize is actually exercise.

4. family weightloss slide 04 shopping

Go Shopping For Healthy Foods

It's easier to get everyone into eating healthier if you're actually letting them pick out the foods you'll all be eating. Go through the aisles of your favorite grocery or health foods store and have everyone pick out a new fruit or vegetable to experiment with every week, and then incorporate that into your family's dining.

5. family weightloss slide 05 dancing

Take Fun Dance Breaks

We all love to watch TV with the entire family, right? Well, the one thing we don't have to do is stay on the couch during commercials. In order to fit in a little bit of extra exercise while watching your favorite shows, have everyone stand up and groove to your favorite tunes. Work up a sweat every few minutes and you're sure to get slimmer.