Skin Cancer Signs To Watch Out For

Everyone likes to be tan. And while most of us are soaking up the rays to get that Jennifer Lopez glow, the last thing on our mind is skin cancer, even though doctors say the disease is rising at an alarming rate, and amongst people in their twenties.

The biggest misconception about skin cancer is that it only applies to people with fair skin. People from all ethnic backgrounds and with all skin types are at risk for skin cancer, especially if you spend an excess amount of time in the sun. The good news is, skin cancer's very treatable if caught early, which you can do with a self exam. Look for any new moles or spots, and changes in any existing moles. Spots that begin to change shape, bleed, itch, and won't heal are all signs to watch for. To make it a bit easier, remember the ABCDE's of mole safety by following these guidelines:

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