6 Simple Ways To Burn Calories

You know that going to the gym can keep you fit, but what other things can help? We talked to Colombian-born fitness expert Ingrid Macher to find out the simple, everyday things you can do to stay trim. Read on for easy ways to burn calories.

1. Burning Calories: Cold Water

Drinking Cold Water

Want to burn calories with out even trying? Grab some ice cold water and drink away! “This simple habit can help you to lose up to 7.3 pounds in one year,” she says. “Studies show that people who drink 8 glasses of ice-cold water daily can lose weight just from the energy it takes your body to warm up that cold water.” 

2. Burning Calories: Stairs

Take the stairs

Instead of hopping in the elevator at work or when running errands, take the stairs to burn some extra calories and work those legs! “This part of our body has the biggest muscles and requires a lot of energy,” Ingrid says. “Going up and down stairs can burn up to 500 calories in 30 minutes, not bad huh?”  

3. Burning Calories: Cleaning

Cleaning The House

Cleaning the house can be a drag. The good news is, doing these household chores can be almost as good as going to the gym for a workout. “Organizing, sweeping the floor, doing laundry, vacuum cleaning, cleaning the dishes, etc. When you put this all together you can burn just over 200 calories by cleaning the house for 60 minutes,” Macher says. “Imagine if you spend three to four hours doing this activity. It's like going to the gym for an intense workout!” 

4. Burning Calories: Shopping


Who doesn’t love to shop? While retail therapy may slim down your wallet, it may also slim down your waistline (talk about an excuse to keep shopping!). “Just involve actions like walking from the car, walking around the mall, and trying on clothes,” Ingrid explains. “Did you know that you can burn 11 calories for each piece a clothing that you try on? Interesting!”

5. Burning Calories: Laughing


Laughter is said to be medicine for the soul. Now, many medical professionals are saying this joyful activity can help you lose weight was well: “Researchers at Vanderbilt University found adults burn an average of 1.3 calories per minute while laughing with their friends,” she says. “It's a workout for the muscles of the diaphragm, abdomen, back, and shoulders. Additionally, watching a funny movie or show can help you to relieve emotional stress. What better way to burn calories by just having fun?”

6. Burning Calories: Massage


There is nothing better than relaxing with a nice, long massage. And while most of us would rather be on the receiving end of this activity, giving your loved one a massage may help you burn some extra calories. Ingrid says: “Rewarding your significant other with a 45 minute massage not only can improve your relationship, but can benefit you by burning up to 200 calories just by expressing your love!”