This Test Can Identify Your Risk For Preterm Birth

This Test Identifies Your Risk For Preterm Birth
Sera Prognostics

Pregnancy and giving birth is scary enough with all the anticipation, preparation, and unknown factors that go into it all. But recent developments and technologies have taken some of the fear out of the process with a new test that helps pregnant women detect early labor and preterm birth.

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The PreTRM Test, which is the first and only test commercially available to pregnant women in the U.S., is a simple blood test developed by Sera Prognostics to predict spontaneous preterm birth (sPTB). This is done during the 19th or 20th weeks of  pregnancy, and measures proteins that are “over-or-under-expressed and are predictive of premature birth (or delivery).”

Preterm birth is defined as delivering before 37 weeks, and is the leading cause of newborn death globally. Other physical and developmental problems may have serious financial and emotional impact on the families that are effected. Thus, predicting early gives families the time and preparation necessary to make informed decisions in managing the patient’s pregnancy

In the U.S., approximately 1 in 10 pregnancies will result in preterm birth. Of that percentage, more than 50% didn’t show any symptoms whatsoever. According to the National Vital Statistics Reports from 2014, Hispanics make up 22.9% of all births in the U.S, with a preterm birth rate of 9.5.

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Pregnant women interested in learning their own risk factors for preterm birth can start by taking this quick quiz. For more information and to get tested yourself, be sure to visit