Powerful Portion Control Tools

“Everything in moderation” is an essential mantra to live by when on the road to healthy eating. Here are a few more options—from designer dishes to easy-to-use dispensers—that will have you both eating and thinking better.

1. Portion Control: Design for Health Plate

The Design For Health Plate

jeffreyharris.net, $23.95 each

Artist Jeffrey Harris combines design and practicality with this healthy sized plate. At 9.5 inches, the dish breaks the correct portions of a meal down; reminding you your plate should have a quarter protein, a quarter starch, and half vegetables.  Enjoy your food and plate at the same time.

2. Portion Control: The Portion Plate

The Portion Plate

theportionplate.com, $11.95 each

This plate makes it a priority to teach people the USDA approved measurements—whether they have their plate in front of them or not. The visual cues are easy to follow; when you’re all done you can place it in the dishwasher until next use. The plate is available in Spanish too.

3. Portion Control: Meal Measure

Meal Measure

mealmeasure.com, $19.99 each

Manage your daily food intake with this simple-to-use tray that fits right on top of your plate. The dishwasher safe divider is labeled: vegetable or fruit, starch and protein.

4. Portion Control: Measure Up Bowls

Combination Measure Up Bowls

shopmeasureupbowl.com, $29.99

Match up your food’s serving size with the premeasured portions of the bowls to help keep your food consumption under control. The Classic bowl is for regular foods you would eat out of a bowl, while the small Measure Up Bowl is for calorie rich, high fat foods.

5. Portion Control: Zevro Triple Wall Mount

Zevro Triple Wall Mount

zevro.com, $49.99

Parents and children can benefit from this space-saving dispenser. With the twist of the knob, it releases approximately an ounce of granola, cereal or whichever dry food you place in it. Each container holds up to 13-ounces of dry food for up to 45 days. Perfect for snack time!