Planned Parenthood Teams up with LATINA to Reach Hispanic Women

Latina magazine's editor in chief and co-president Galina Espinoza hosted a special media event this morning with Planned Parenthood to address the disparity in sexual health care among Latinas.

Standing alongside Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards and the Director of Latino Engagement Destiny Lopez, the women highlghted the positive effect that reproductive health and education can have for our community. As it stands currently:

• Latinas have lower screening rates for both mammography and Pap tests than non-Latina white and black women

• A greater percentage of Latinas (39 percent) are uninsured, more than the women of any other racial or ethnic group, and more than a quarter of Latinas live in poverty

• Approximately 50 percent of pregnancies among Latinas are unintended, and almost half these pregnancies end in abortion

• Latinos contract HIV at three times the rate of non-Latino whites

In an effort to address these disparities, Espinoza shared some personal anecdotes about the importance of Planned Parenthood for so many young women in this country and helped the organization spread the word about their Birth Control matters initiative and the various online tools available right now to all Latinas, regardless of age or health insurance status.

Check out the tools below:

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