This Period Tracking App Sends Users Chocolates & Tampons

This Period Tracking App Sends Chocolate, Pads & Tampons

A period tracking app appropriately named Monthly Gift doesn't just track your periods; it also doubles as a subscription for chocolate, pads, liners and tampons. That's right! It's like having the private nurse you always dreamed of with just the click of a button.

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Here's how it works: You log your personal information, from the start of your period to your symptoms. According to Bustle, the more you do this, the better the app gets at predicting the physical and emotional effects of your menstrual cycle throughout the month. 

What's more, the subscription service isn't mandatory. Your Little Black Box is customized based on your preferences, so should you opt for pads, tampons and liners, but no chocolate, you can tailor the subscription to fit your needs.

As if the app weren't impressive enough, the even more appealing twist is Monthly Gift's partnership with Days for Girls, an organization with a vision to provide "feasible access to quality sustainable hygiene and health education" to every girl and woman by 2022.

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Monthly Gift offers three different subscriptions, starting at $13 a month. To sign up for the app, all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the Monthly Gift help page, enter your email and click on the link provided.