Organic Food...Latino Style!

Raw Food

Raw Food diet proponents believe that cooking and processing food diminishes its nutritional value. There are plenty of Raw Food creations like cakes and nutrition bars made of only raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.


This diet has its roots in ancient Incan and Chinese culture. Similar to Raw Food diets in the minimal amount of cooking and processing involved, a macrobiotic diet also emphasizes locally-grown and seasonal produce and fruits. The belief is that fruits, vegetables and plants in general adapt to our environment, so we should be eating whatever is around, when it’s around. There are tons of hip Macrobiotic restaurants popping up in big cities all around the country.


These are foods like pomegranate and acai and goji berries that have a complex and intense concentration of quality nutrients. You can’t go wrong with these Super Heroes of the supermarket!

-Gabriela Garcia