I Did a One-Day Juice Cleanse And These Were The Results

I Did a One-Day Juice Cleanse And These Were The Results
Project Juice

The words "detox" and "cleanse" don't resonate with me well. Though I try to maintain a balance between eating well and treating myself, I'm usually not one to choose a liquid-based lunch rather than a plate of tacos.

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But when Project Juice created a cleanse that offered actual food in its plan, I was all ears. The San Francisco-based company rolled out its Rejuvenation Cleanse at the top of 2017, which includes organic bottled soups, a superfood snack, and a detoxifying tea to go hand-in-hand with the cold-pressed juice varieties. Chef Sascha Weiss wanted to give customers more than just liquid greens in the new cleanse.

“Adding in soups to our cleansing options seemed like a natural progression,” Weiss said. “They are a great way to get more whole foods and fiber into your diet while you cleanse. Plus, they are balanced and delicious warmed, making them satisfying on a different level than an all-juice cleanse.”

I took on Project Juice's new cleanse just before heading out on a long weekend, where I'd presumably be eating a ton and drinking even more. First things first: The cleanse came beautifully packaged, with each juice and soup properly labeled in consecutive order. It certainly didn't look like an intimidating, nor scary, feat to take on. Actually doing it, however, was a bit different. The cleanse was made up of two detox shots, two soups, four juices, a tea and a package of trailmix. I started the day (at about 7:30 a.m) with the Liver Flush shot, and continued according to schedule with the juices and soups. When I was feeling hungry during the afternoon, I snacked on some of the nuts and dried fruit in the trailmix. Luckily, it was a busy day, so I didn't have ample time to harp on the fact that I was actually doing a cleanse. 

Here are a few more results and lessons learned from the one-day cleanse:

1. I didnt lose weight.

Of course, most look to juice cleanses to drop some pounds. A one-day cleanse, however, certainly won't give you any big, long-lasting results. I didn't have expectations to lose true weight, but I did hope to lose a bit of water weight, excess bloating, etc. The scale stayed the same, though it's hard to tell if the abundance of liquids – especially ones with lots of greens and veggies – caused extra bloating or was the culprit for not losing weight.

2. The addition of food was important.

I've tried other strict cleanses before – ones that don't offer any snacks or real food in addition to the juices. These were not only difficult but rather realistic. I felt faint, unproductive and distracted. This cleanse, however, was much easier, and I sure didn't feel guilty about the healthy snack and delicious soups given to me. Let's get one thing straight, though: No cleanse is easy. It requires both mental and physical determination.

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3. Juice cleanses don't only have to be one note.

Many may think that this rejuvenation doesn't count as a full-blown cleanse, considering the addition of food. But we'd be limiting ourselves if we only thought of cleanses in one way. Some may be looking to lose weight, others may just want to press "restart" on a new week. A cleanse is what you need and what you make of it.

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