National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month: How to Engage Kids In Healthy Choices!

Mother and Daughter Eating Healthy

According to a recent research by the American Heart Association, Hispanic pre-school age children are four times more likely to be obese, compared to non-Hispanic white children. Scary right?

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month and to help raise awareness with families across the country, the American Heart Association (AHA) has initiated the EmpowerMEnt Challenge , an easy and fun way to help you with the number one health concern among parents – childhood obesity.

Take time to educate yourself and learn more from others, explore links to tasty recipes, get grocery shopping tips, access tools and resources and share your personal EmpowerMEnt Challenge successes on Facebook page by visiting

Ready to join in on the challenge? It's time to empower your cart! See how much you can boost your fruit and vegetable intake this week. You might be surprised by how many will fit into your grocery cart. Try a scavenger hunt in the store. See how many fruits and veggies your kids can find in 15 minutes. 

Learn other engaging your kids in healthy choices by watching this video with celebrity host Pili Montilla.

This article was provided by the American Heart Association to support National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month.