5 Reasons to Love Your Body Now

Do you love your body unconditionally? According to Jezebel, a new study found that women are “happiest” with their naked bodies when they’re 34 year old. That’s the magical age where we stop being overly self-critical, have figure out what diet and exercise works for us and have settled into confidence “inside and out”. 

Well, even if you’re not currently 34 (or maybe you are and still don’t feel that you love your body), we’ve gathered up some reasons to love your body ahora. Don’t wait!

1. Love Your Body 1

1. It’s a Reflection Of Your Roots: Do you have abuelita’s nose? Mami’s hair? Papi’s eyes? Well, your body is a reflection of where you came from--so celebrate your cultura and familia with your body. That’s where it came from! 

2. Love Your Body 2

2. It Has a Lot Going On Everywhere: Even if you can’t see what’s going on below the surface, your body is always active. From your heart pumping blood through your veins to your brain making you think to everything in between, your cuerpo is doing something!

3. Love Your Body 3

3. It’s the Only One You’ve Got: Wish you had Zoe Saldana’s height or Jennifer Lopez’s booty? Well, get in line! But don’t compare yourself to celebs too much (we know, it’s hard!) because this is the only body you’re going to get. It’s yours, yours alone, and you should treasure that always. Plus, it’ll be around a while!

4. Love Your Body 4

4. It Can Change If You Want it To: Yes, you can’t change everything but the good news is that there ARE a few things you can change. Your body’s capable of a lot so if you’re unhappy with your weight or wish you had fitter arms, at least know that there is something you can do about that. 

5. Love Your Body 5

5. It Will Definitely Love You Back: Did you know that the more you love your body (a.k.a. have a positive attitude about it and the world around it), the higher your chances are of living a longer, healthier life? That’s right, optimists have a higher quality of life according to a Mayo Clinic study. So get to loving and being happy in your own skin!