Laura Posada Talks to Us About Her New Book, "Fit Home Team"

Laura Posada Talks to Us About Her New Book, "Fit Home Team"

Laura Posada is more than just the wife of famed Yankees all-star baseball catcher Jorge Posada. She’s also a lawyer, a certified personal trainer, cofounder of The Jorge Posada Foundation and a devoted mom of two beautiful children, Jorge Luis, 8, and Paulina, 5. Inspired in no small way by their son's diagnosis with cranionsynostosis—a congenital birth condition that causes an infant's skull to fuse too early and affects the growth of the brain—the Posadas have always been focused on health and wellness in their family.

When we heard that Laura found time to write Fit Home Team, a book on healthy living for the whole family, we had to talk to her about how she manages to do it all.

What was the motivation to do a book about family fitness and not about female fitness or sport fitness?
Well, there are really not that many books out there aimed at families. I thought, “What about those families that can’t afford to pay a babysitter, a trainer or a nutritionist? What about those families?” You know, my husband and I, we didn’t grow up being able to afford all these things, and now, even though we can, we really don’t. We like to spend as much time with the kids as we can, and I like to cook for my family. That’s really why we did it. We were getting all these e-mails on our website asking us about how we stay in shape, what we eat and what we do with our family, so we decided to go ahead and put it all in writing!

My favorite part of the book is when you point out different activities you can do that you may not even think of as exercise, like washing the car!
Yeah, my mom used to send us out to wash the car when we were getting under her feet. (laughs) One day in Tampa, Jorge was about to call one of those companies to come to the house to clean the car, and I heard how much they were charging and I was like, “Are you kidding me? No freaking way!" So we went out with the kids and made it into a family activity. We ended up having so much fun that now the kids are like, “Mami! When are we going to wash the car again?”

Why was it important to pass this love for movement on to your kids?
We love fitness, so when we had the kids we knew that we better teach them early to be active and to play sports, 'cause if not we’re going to be bored to death! (laughs) I’m a certified personal trainer and I could have passed along tips on how to build a weight routine, but that’s not going to work for kids. So I used some of the basic knowledge that I got through my certification and incorporated it into the book. Really, the book is about trying to stay away from the gym and stop thinking about fitness as punishment. It’s more about using fitness as a way to spend to time together, to be healthy and to be active as a family.

What else can we do to incorporate kids into building a healthy lifestyle?
Well, I love to cook, and whenever Jorge is home I make sure to make a home-cooked meal. Somehow, I think when you involve the kids in cooking, it always tastes better. They put a little hand in it and they always tell me, “Oh, Mama, today’s is especially good.” It’s also a great way to teach them, so that when they go away to college they don’t eat burgers and fries everyday because they don’t know how to take care of themselves.

Laura, you’re a mom to two beautiful kids, you also have your law degree and now you are into physical training and nutrition—you’re one busy lady! How do you do it all?
Well, let’s just say I don’t sleep much. I’m very energetic; if you ask Jorge he’ll tell you I drive him crazy. I’m always like, “What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?” I’m very motivated, and growing up I always played sports—from volleyball to softball to track to basketball—if there’s a sport, I've probably played it. It’s always been part of who I am. Jorge and I actually met when we were 17 years old on a softball field, and then 10 years later, for our first date, we went bowling. Our second date was playing racquetball, so fitness has always been really important to both of us.

We have to ask: Do either of your kids seem to be favoring baseball so far?
They both like it, but the only problem is that they only want to hit the ball!

Fit Home Team: The Posada Family Guide to Health, Exercise, and Nutrition the Inexpensive and Simple Way ($25, Atria Books) is on sale now!