Celeb Workouts: What Your Favorite Stars Do To Keep Fit!

Some of our favorite celebrities are known for their toned abs, killer biceps and overall stellar body. We've been dying to know what these stars do to keep in shape, and since we know we're probably not the only ones, we went searching to find out what their workout routines entail.

Check out some of your favorite famous Latinos and their exercising secrets:

1. Celeb Workouts: Alexia Echevarria

Alexia Echevarria

It seems the Real Housewives of Miami star is a fan of Flywheel. Similar to Soul Cycle, Flywheel offers indoor cycling classes to transform your body with a high-intensity cardio workout.

2. Celebrity Fitness: Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima

The Victoria's Secret model recently revealed that her workout routine involves working her upper body with boxing sequences and a super intense jump rope session. You can watch and follow Lima's routine here!

3. Exercise: George Lopez

George Lopez

The 52-year-old comedian's trainer, Mari Winsor, recently revealed that he's started doing Pilates to maintain his fitness. "George is in the beginning stages of learning Pilates," Winsor said. "He likes the twisting from the waist exercises because it helps him with his golf. He likes to work hard and finds concentrating on the work very helpful for him in general."

His trainer continued, "He also like the abdominal work in Pilates -- specifically the criss-cross."

You can also train with Mari Winsor by purchasing her Pilates DVD at Gaiam.com!

4. workout slide 01_Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson

The 34-year-old Trance star, who always looks to be in tip-top shape, has confessed that she's not a fan of exercising, but when she needs to get fit her go-to includes Pilates and running. "I don't love running but it is my go-to if I have to get fit for something. It's [also] really great for singing [because you] get your lungs expanding," she told FitSugar.

5. workout slide 02_Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Gomez has been showing off her body a lot recently in two-piece bikinis, and she can thank Pop Physique for those awesome abs. The 21-year-old belleza has been known to keep up with this workout, which tones the entire body, on a regular basis.

6. workout slide 03_sofia vergara

Sofia Vergara

It's not an easy task to stay looking this good! The 41-year-old told The New York Times that to keep in shape, she not only works out with a trainer, but she often does Pilates and spinning as well.

7. workout slide 04_Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

The Cuban American actress has a super sculpted body that could make just about anyone a bit jealous. So what does she do to get that amazingly toned look? Crossfit! Diaz discovered the Crossfit exercise routine while dating New York Yankees' star Alex Rodriguez.

8. workout slide 05_Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Known for her beauty and envy-worthy body, the 32-year-old turns to Barry's Bootcamp and CrossFit to keep in shape.

9. workout slide 05_Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana

The kick ass Latina told Health magazine, "I love doing Pilates — doesn’t matter what season it is."

10. workout slide 06_Shakira


Shakira's hips certainly don't lie when it comes to proving just how good she looks in a midriff-bearing top. The singer's trainer recently told E! that dancing is what has help keep Shakira in such great shape, even after giving birth to Milan. "Dance is not only fun, but it can be an incredibly difficult and effective option for cardio," said her trainer Anna Kaiser.

11. workout slide 08_jlo

Jennifer Lopez

The bootylicious 44-year-old can thank celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson for her toned-up body. "[I'm like] a fighter, going into the ring. I do my cardio and I do my workouts with the Tracy Anderson Method," said J.Lo.