Latina Staff Health Challenge: Day Two

For 90 days, three Latina staffers will give their unhealthy lifestyles a much-needed makeover as they shape up for summer. And with the help of nutritionist Christina Persaud, these ladies are ready to get their rears in gear. Let’s meet them!

Here's the second brave staffer who rose to the challenge:


Dorkys Ramos, 27
Assistant editor
Stats: 4 feet 9, 80 pounds

When surrounded by weight-loss products and people who tell you to just count your blessings, it can be hard to say, “I want to gain weight!” Truth is, I need to gain weight. I’m constantly sluggish and know that I’d feel much healthier if I were 15 pounds heavier. Unfortunately, I’ve always gone about this the wrong way: by binging on fast food and avoiding all veggies and physical activity. Plus, cooking is not my forte, which has been trouble since I moved out on my own. Now my challenge is to aim for 1,800 calories a day and keep a stash of healthy snacks within my reach. Persaud also recommended I preplan my meals (since I’ve been known to completely forget to eat when busy) and turn cooking into a fun activity (hellooo, dinner parties). And because my appetite takes a huge hit when I’m anxious, I’ll sign up for tai chi to help clear my mind and invest in some “me time.”