Latina Staff Health Challenge: Day Three

For 90 days, three Latina staffers will give their unhealthy lifestyles a much-needed makeover as they shape up for summer. And with the help of nutritionist Christina Persaud, these ladies are ready to get their rears in gear. Let’s meet them!

Here's the third (and last) Latina staffer who took on the Health Challenge:

Mariela Rosario, 28
Online Editor
Stats: 5 feet 4, 146 pounds

I didn’t take on this challenge just to lose weight—although i can't lie, I’d love to shed about 15 pounds! My hectic schedule makes it hard for me to take care of myself, so what I’m really striving for is finding time to exercise and lead a healthier lifestyle. Between working full-time, pursuing my MA and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life, it gets tough.

I think this challenge will help manage my stress and boost my energy levels. I’ll be meeting with Persaud, keeping a food log and preparing healthy meals on the weekends for the week ahead. Personal trainer Phoenix Carnevale will also come to my apartment to help me devise a workout plan that will work in my home so I can squeeze in workouts even when I'm pressed for time.

Be sure to follow all three Latina staffers as they update us weekly on their progress during the health challenge!