The Latina Staff Health Challenge

For 90 days, three Latina staffers will give their unhealthy lifestyles a much-needed makeover as they shape up for summer. And with the help of nutritionist Christina Persaud, these ladies are ready to get their rears in gear. Let’s meet them! First up?

Angie Romero, 28
Entertainment Editor
Stats: 5 feet 0, 107 pounds

One night, my friend described a cute girl he met—but had no intention of dating—as a “skinny fat girl:” a woman who dresses well and appears to be thin, but when you get close enough to touch her, there’s some stuff hanging out. Horrified, I began to wonder if that was me, and ever since that conversation I’ve been terrified to wear a bikini.

Step one is to hire a trainer at my gym and see him once a week to learn how to work my abs and arms. In between sessions, I’ll do cardio three times a week just to keep the blood pumping. And Persaud suggested I consume about 1,200 calories a day, building up to 1,500 once I start working out hard-core. Who knows? Maybe I’ll reach my lifelong goal of looking like Shakira in the sun.