6 Workouts Latina Models Swear By

Some of the world's most beautiful models happen to also be the toughest and fiercest in the gym. These chicas know the best way to sweat it out, and it's time we look to their routines for our much-needed #WorkoutMotivation.

Ahead, see how these hot, hot Latina models get their sexy bodies.

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1. Workouts Latina Models Swear By


Nowadays, almost every celebrity devotes a day or two to relax in a yoga session. Alessandra Ambrosio, in particular, is a model turned "namaste" guru. 

2. Workouts Latina Models Swear By


If you happen to be in need of hitting something, boxing is your answer. Brazilian beauty Adriana Lima often shows off her post-boxing sweaty selfies – and they're all you'll need to get into the ring.

3. Workouts Latina Models Swear By


Trust that everything will be nice and tight with an intense pilates sesh. This controlled workout, which uses toning exercises and strethcing, are what get model Lais Ribero her perfect figure.

4. Workouts Latina Models Swear By

Strength Training/Total Body

When cardio just isn't cutting it, pick up those weights for some body-pumping moves. Puerto Rican model Joan Smalls hits the gym to target all areas of her body.

5. Workouts Latina Models Swear By


If you need the extra push, tough spinning classes (and a hardcore instructor!) will do the trick. Denise Bidot often hits the spin bike when she needs a good sweat sesh.

6. Workouts Latina Models Swear By


Gisele Bündchen puts a lot of work into her sought-after body, so it's no surprise that women everywhere are looking to her for the best workout tips. When she's not breathing it out in yoga, you can find her going for a jog or hitting the hiking trails with her kids for some gut-busting cardio.