The Top 10 Latina Health & Fitness Bloggers!

Living a healthy life is super important, especially for Latinas! With a predisposition to many diseases and ailments, it’s important for us to treat our bodies well, understand health risks and eat right. Thankfully, there are Latinas who are leading the charge in this cause, acting as health advocates for our community. Here are the 10 best Latina health and fitness bloggers on the web:

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Helen Troncoso: Reinventing You (

An advocate for women’s health, Dr. Helen Troncoso holds a doctorate in physical therapy and is the CEO & Founder of Reinventing You, LLC, where she serves as a health and wellness consultant. Her blog focuses on fitness myths, great exercises and health reminders for women, specifically Latinas. Her newest project is co-hosting El Bien Estar del Hogar con Casa Latina on V-me TV.


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Michelle Rivas:

Considered by many as an ultimate source for health news and information for Latinas, Michelle Rivas’ relatable approach to health and fitness is a breath of fresh air. Michelle holds a journalism degree with a minor in exercise from Arizona State University, and is completing her master’s at DePaul in Health Communication. With recipes, resources and more, this is one you’ll want to bookmark.



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Christy Wilson:

Christy is a registered dietician and nutrition consultant, and her gorgeous pictures of healthy recipes and tips on how to make easy, healthy meals made us fans from the get-go. She even peppers in great Q&A’s (like this one with Chef Ronaldo Linares!) Check it out – and be sure to check back.

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Cristina Ramirez:

Cristina, a Cubana who grew up in Brazil, is a mother of two young boys who, you guessed it, competes in triathletes. Her blog chronicles her training, but also gives tips on how to get active, get your kids moving, and more. While the blog is in English for now, she plans to soon have posts for both Spanish and Portuguese readers. Amazing!

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Jessica Sofia Valle:

Jessica is a child and family psychotherapist, promoting health and mental health through her work and her blog. While her blog focuses on many different topics, her health and advice posts are our favorite. Take a peek!

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Cynthia Santiago:

“Inspiring and empowering Latinas to create happy, fulfilling lives,” is the tagline of this blog, and that’s no joke! This amazing resource is filled with great, empowering posts that help readers evaluate their lives and attitudes, and focuses on creating optimal wellness for mind, body and spirit.

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 Maribel Marmol:

Food, nutrition and wellness are at the heart of this blog by Maribel. “I’m on a journey to find out what moves people to eat, how cultures shape our relationships with food, and what we can do to improve the health of our communities.” We’re loving the journey!

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Carmen Melgoza:

Written in Spanish, this blog looks at nutrition, weight loss, and even chronicles new offerings by brands like Nike and more. As a fitness coach, Carmen provides services and more, but gives the best advice on her blog.

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Adriana Rue:

Also in Spanish, this blog features health and nutrition tips to live life to the fullest. With tips on how to eat right, fun facts about food and more, this is one site you’ll want to check out.

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Chronicling her amazing weight loss, this blog has morphed into the tips and tricks from ACE certified personal trainer and health coach Mari. Covering fitness and food, this blog is perfect for truly being inspired to get on the track to wellness.