Commentary: Are Your Latina Curves Killing You?

Growing up as a Latina, I remember looking at magazines when I was a little girl and realizing how different I looked from everyone else. I remember thinking, when I was just 10 or 11 years old, just how big my thighs were. I was deeply ashamed of my curves and the fact that I looked different than anyone else in my class.

It wasn’t until I picked up my first copy of Latina magazine, many years later, that I began to accept my curvy body shape for what it was: something that I couldn’t change. My curves, when I was just slightly overweight, were something I could finally be proud of. I went through many years of loving my shape, even as I started to gain more and more weight, before I realized the harsh reality facing body confident Latinas: the curves we love so much may actually be killing us.

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