This Laser Vagina Lift Can Completely Transform Your Sex Life

This Laser Vagina Lift Can Completely Transform Your Sex Life
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How far are you willing to go for a good time in bed? One woman went there and the results were far more beneficial than you can imagine.

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Angela Timson, 34, was just a mother of two when she discovered that her vagina was “dry” and “lax." Her sex life was no better. Timson decided to head to London-based Genesis Clinics for their Nu-V laser procedure, which reportedly aids in a variety of issues from dryness to incontinence, and promises to rejuvenate everything as it once was.

According to the clinic’s website, the procedure includes a speculum being placed into the vagina and laser energy is added. This causes the vagina to contract and shrink, while new tissues form. It may sound painful, but Timson noted that it was more comfortable than a pap smear, and only thirty minutes from start to finish. Genesis’s Clinical Director and laser expert Emma Soos RN first though of developing Nu-V after experiencing post partum issues. Her colleague, Nurse Practitioner Aly Dilks, also collaborated on the project, as an active midwife and sexual health expert.

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After receiving the treatment, Timson said that her orgasm with her partner was “more intense” than ever before. The treatment is currently only available in Leicester, but will soon be readily available to all of London.