Kick Diabetes to the Curb

November isn't just a month to celebrate Thanksgiving, it's also American Diabetes Awareness Month. As we all (should) know, Latinas are more likely to get diabetes than not—we have a 52.5% lifetime risk of developing the disease. What you may not know is that scientist-types are constantly figuring out ways to both lower that risk and fight diabetes without drugs. Here’s the rundown:

Eat edamame. Chicas who do have a 47% lower risk for developing diabetes.

Take a hike. Walking for an extra 45 minutes a day can help regulate glucose levels.

Strike a pose. Doing yoga five days a week has been found to shrink your waistline, and lower blood pressure and sugar levels—all factors that contribute to your diabetes risk.

Go Mediterranean. Incorporating olive oil, grains, fruits, nuts, vegetables and fish and just saying no to alcohol, dairy and meat can reduce your diabetes risk by a whopping 83%.

Then go Eastern. Do like the old folks in the park and practice Tai Chi. You could lower your glucose levels, drop your blood pressure and lose weight, too!

Bulk up. Women who up their fiber intake during pregnancy are less likely to develop gestational diabetes.

Go fishing. Diabetics who eat fish at least twice a week are less likely to develop kidney disease as a side effect of their condition.

Knowledge is power. Visit to see where you stand.

—Kenrya Rankin Naasel