Jessica Alba’s Trainer Shares Tips on How To Stick To Your Fitness Resolution

If you witnessed Jessica Alba's awe inspiring transformation from new mommy to silver screen ready siren in just 2 short months you may have been wondering the same thing as us: How’d she do it?

The answer? Trainer to the Stars and Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute expert Ramona Braganza, who has toned the bodies of many Hollywood starlets, such as Halle Berry, Dania Ramirez and other women who's physiques make us green with envy. We absolutely had to talk to her about how to keep our New Year's resolution to work out more and be healthy and she had some great tips!

1. Combine your workouts. Ramona suggests that you work out for one hour at a time, mixing cardio exercise with strength and flexibility moves. Make your workouts as efficient as possible so you're not stuck in the gym forever. If you know you only have to workout for an hour, it's easier to stay motivated.

2. Commit yourself to becoming healthier, not just losing weight or fitting into a dress. When you make your resolution about a lifestyle change and not just about superficial results, you make a deeper commitment to yourself. "Real commitment gets real results" is one of Braganza's mottos.

3. Setting smart goals is a big part of being successful. Braganza says that one of the things that kept Jessica Alba motivated after giving birth to Honor was that she had the Campari Calendar shoot only 3 months away. This kept her focused while she was working out. Set concrete long term and short term goals for yourself.

4. Give yourself three months for your habits to change. Don't beat yourself up if you sneak a chocolate bar or skip one workout, stick to it for 12 weeks and not only will you see a change in your body, but you'll find yourself with a different mindset, says Braganza.

5. Partner up! Whether it be a friend, a boyfriend or a trainer, having someone who is counting on you to show up is a huge motivation for most people. Your partner or trainer will also motivate you to keep pushing yourself past your comfort zone.

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