This Is Real: Your iPhone Will Soon Be Able To Test For HIV & Syphilis

IPhone Device Hiv Syphilis Testing
Courtesy of Tassaneewan Laksanasopin

Technology can dramatically change the way we approach STD testing, as researchers at Colombia University have recently proven. 

A team from the Ivy League university developed an iPhone application that can accurately test for HIV and Syphilis in less than 15 minutes. The application requires the use of a "dongle", which connects to the headphone jack of your phone.

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Researchers tested the device in Africa, where they found that the $34 dongle was nearly as effective as far more costly diagnostic devices. The inexpensive, portable and user-friendly device could forever change the way medical professionals approach public health efforts. 

Samuel Sia, an associate professor of biomedical engineering at Colombia and the author of the study, told The Washington Post: "If you can start to bring core health services to the smartphone beyond just measuring the heart rate — like blood tests — then you're going to start seeing a pretty fundamental shift in the health-care system."

See how it works in the video below: 

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