5 Reasons Idalis Velazquez Will Be Your Fitness Motivation This Winter

Workout motivation during the cold winter months is hard to come by with all the temptation of resorting to the couch for endless hours of Netflix and hot chocolate.

Fitness guru Idalis Velazquez will soon change your mentality. The Puerto Rican NASM-certified personal trainer has some tips for keeping you trim and toned all winter long, and it hardly requires leaving the warmth of your house!

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1. She just released a fitness program in Spanish!

The fitness guru’s latest project, All In 18, is a workout program designed specifically for those with little time to hit the gym. Even better, the program is the first bilingual DVD, where viewers have the choice to listen in English or Spanish, with no subtitles required. “I think its really cool to be the first Latina to work on a project like this,” Velazquez told us.

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2. She knows to keep the workouts quick, but rigorous.

Idalis’ new workouts combine total body, abs and more, but luckily, the daily sweat sessions won’t take time out of your day as a busy, working mom. Each workout is just 18 minutes long but designed to push you a little more each day. “Based on my experience, after having my second daughter and working more from home, it was hard — you kind of lose that motivation and its hard to stick to a program," she explained. "And a lot of workouts are time efficient but some are not as challenging, but this workout is for all levels."

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3. Her story will inspire you.

The former athlete grew up in a typical Latina household, which meant a lot of pressure and little time devoted to self-care. “Growing up Latina, at least for me, there was this mentality of ‘Women have to do everything around the house’ and you start taking care of everybody and I got into that mentality and I gained a lot of weight, starting getting sick and I just wasn’t as healthy. And then that’s how I found fitness.”

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4. She knows that caring for the mind is just as important.

If you happen to stumble upon Velazquez's Instagram feed, you'll see she's just as quick to post an inspirational quote as she is to post an intense workout video. The trainer knows that taking time to care for yourself and letting yourself rest is equally as important for reaching all health goals.

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5. She’ll help with your diet, too.

Velazquez doesn’t only offer intense workouts. Her program also includes nutrition guides and recipes, so your entire regimen is in check.