How To Move Your Outdoor Workout Indoors

Sure, you may not be bearing all in a teeny bikini in the winter months, but that's no excuse to stop working out! It's important to stay fit over the cooler months and fight that winter bulge. There are plenty of ways that you can make an indoor workout fun and challenging. Check out these great tips from Latina.Com's fitness expert Phoenix Carnevale on how to move that outdoor workout indoors without missing a step:

  • First off, Phoenix says that there are some key pieces of equipment that you'll definitely need in order to maximize your workout. She suggests making sure you have:
  1. Sturdy no-slip mat
  2. Super absorbent towel
  3. TV with a dvd player
  4. Free weights ranging 3lbs to 10lbs
  5. Stability ball

Some things you already have in your house that you can use for your workout include your all important Ipod, a chair (for dips & balancing exercises), and a scarf for any yoga moves that require straps.

    • For those of you who are runners, Phoenix suggests replacing those outdoor jogs with a brisk indoor session of jumping rope. This activity burns more calories than the treadmill and is way more fun!
    • Carnevale also suggests buying a dance video. Try something cool like hip hop, salsa or samba dancing. These fast paced dances are guaranteed to get your heart pumping and the best part is, if you screw up, no one will see you! Phoenix also points out that Exercise TV on demand has plenty of options to choose from.
    • If you have weak joints, Phoenix suggests you try urban rebounding. This a cardiovascular workout done on a mini trampoline which absorbs up to 75% of the impact of your joints and is extremely fun. Make sure you have a sturdy floor so the jumping won't disturb your neighbors.
    • Carnevale reminds us that no matter what workout we decide on, there are a few key strength building moves that should make it into every workout. Be sure to check out Fitness with Phoenix to learn the correct form for the following moves:
    1. Squats
    2. Push ups
    3. Lunges
    4. Crunches

      So, don't sleep on your workout routine through these winter months. The more you work to maintain your sexy curves throughout the holidays and colder weather, the easier it will be to get back into the swing of things come spring time. And remember ladies, there always winter vacation!

      Have any success stories of great weight loss? Let us know what works for you! Leave your suggestions for fun workouts in the comments below!