How To Avoid A Holiday Hangover

’Tis the season to drink our faces off, but the trade-off for being smaller (and cuter) than men is that we dehydrate faster and are therefore more susceptible to hangovers. No worries. We’ve got tips that will keep you out of the fetal position, plus what to do if it’s too late.


Eat before you imbibe; you’ll absorb the alcohol more gradually, especially if you load up on carbs. When you’re out, sip slowly, stick with one drink per hour and alternate with glasses of water. When choosing your poison, go light and expensive: The darker the alcohol, the more congeners (the toxins often responsible for the “Kill me now!” outbursts) it contains and the worse off you’ll be. And the cheap stuff tends to have more impurities, so reach for that top shelf.


Damage already done? Drink up—water and Gatorade, that is. Stay away from the Bloody Marys and café; you’ll just get drunk again (the chaser) or dry yourself out even more (the caffeine). But here’s what does work: A hearty breakfast (think: eggs and bacon) can soak up residual alcohol, and sugar can have the same affect as carb-loading. Then, of course, there’s the longstanding Mexican tradition of eating menudo (a stew of boiled tripe, hominy and chile) the morning after an all-nighter on the town. Still thirsty?