EXCLUSIVE: Hilaria Baldwin on Finding Balance and Letting Go With 'The Living Clearly Method'

EXCLUSIVE: Hilaria Baldwin on Finding Balance in 'The Living Clearly Method'

How has your relationship with Alec impacted your wellness journey, or how important are romantic relationships to overall wellness?

When we first met, I was teaching a lot of classes, and I had just gotten pins taken out of my hip. Then Alec and I met, and he was like ‘What do you mean you never take a day off?’ And he really, really encouraged me to take time off. He taught me to let go, and that it was okay to not be working all the time, because I always felt guilty. I have the personality where if I’m not doing something, I feel like I’m doing something wrong, and that’s not a good thing. And he came into my life and taught me to sit back and enjoy a little bit more and it’s been a really great thing. And obviously I’m really proud of my work ethnic but too much is too much. It’s about just being happy and being in love – that’s a really wonderful thing. I think any time you’re happy and in love, it increases your quality of life.

With the hectic holiday season, how do you manage it all ­—  stress, food, workouts, etc.?

I hear this every single holiday season. People start to go away starting from Thanksgiving – every single gym is less crowded, every studio class is less crowded. Every form of self help is less, because people go away, dealing with holiday things — and we start to add too much food and stress and not paying attention to our physical and emotional self. So from that, come January 1, everybody comes back into the studio like clockwork — even hungover. And it’s always just a mad scramble to get back on track, and people thinking ‘What did I do to myself, and now what am I going to do?’ And so I want to talk to people about is, how can you get to a place where you can enjoy the holidays, but you can find balance. Do you have to eat all the cookies, or can you be present in the moment with these five principles? Get to the point where come January 1, you know you ate a little much, but you don’t feel terrible about yourself.

On the topic of “letting go”, how do you let go of any negativity or criticism, on social media and otherwise?

I usually let go with the block button, but I’m often asked about what it’s been like to go from a very private life to a very public life. It’s strange, and one of the hardest things is that all of a sudden, people see you as ‘the other’. We all have our differences, and I have many blessings but one of the things that bothers me on Instagram is that people will post inaccurate or false things, because it’s so different than what reality is. And the thing that makes me sadder is that I think I realize what’s real and what’s not real, but if they’re doing it to me, they’re doing it to other people, and bullying is never okay. That’s another reason I think this book can be so profound: because it can speak to separating you to what other people are trying to make of you. I know who I am. Right now I’m having this conversation — and I’ve been nursing my baby for half of it — because that’s who I am. For other people, calling names on Instagram is not who you are. So letting go is being able to move through it.

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Since you mentioned your kids, how or when do you start to talk about some of these principles with them?

It’s part of my daily life and part of how I live, and just my parenting style and something that Alec and I talk a lot about. We’ve talked about treating people well and things like that, and we just want our kids to grow up being good people. And people will come up to my husband on the street an ask for a photo and Carmen [my daughter] doesn’t understand, and sometimes she gets upset about it. And it’s just important to learn to separate yourself and them from it. We also do a lot of breathing lessons, and we move on and talk about being present and that’s kind of how I’m bringing the principles into their lives.

Tell us about raising your kids bilingual.

If I’m speaking directly to them and my husband is around, I speak to them in Spanish. They know that with me, they have to speak Spanish and with him, they have to speak English, but it’s pretty amazing. My brother, who lives in Spain, does the opposite, and I also did a lot of research and talked to people. It’s getting to be a little difficult, to be honest, because the more that she’s in school, the more she wants to speak as her friends are speaking. But I tell my daughter, ‘Do you know how special it is that you speak two languages, do you know how lucky you are?’. But I don’t have all the answers on how she’s going to grow up through it, but right now her Spanish is slightly better than her English.

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