The Healthiest Coffee Drinks

The many health benefits of coffee are grabbing headlines these days, which is good news for those of us who can’t live with out our daily caffeine fix! While some coffee drinks can be loaded with sugar and extra calories, a few simple changes can make your drink of choice a lot healthier – so you can order without the guilt.


1. Coffee: Latte


If you’re a true latte lover, there’s no need to fear – small changes can make your drink a little easier on your waistline. If you’re watching your calories, ask for a traditional latte (which is unsweetened) and choose either low-fat milk or soy. If you’d like to sweeten your drink, add a calorie-free sugar substitute or sugar-free syrup. And if you just can’t live with out your favorite vanilla or hazelnut flavoring, ask for one pump of syrup instead of two which will lessen the calorie and sugar content.

Estimated Calories:

Low-fat Milk Latte: Around 190 Calories

Soy Latte: Around 170 Calories

2. Coffee: Americano


An Americano is a popular choice for those watching their calories. This delicious drink contains two shots of espresso topped off with hot water. Adding too much cream and sugar can quickly make this drink unhealthy. So, to keep the drink less than 100 calories, add just a bit of cream and raw sugar, but don’t go overboard! 

Estimated Calories:

Served Black: Around15 Calories

With Cream and Raw Sugar: Around 100 Calories

3. Coffee: Cappuccino


A favorite of many, the cappuccino is a delightful treat for any time of the day. This drink contains fewer calories than many coffee orders (since a cappuccino has less milk than a latte) which means you can get away with adding some flavored syrup if desired. Also, if you want to knock off a few calories, go for low-fat milk instead whole milk.

Estimated Calories:

With Whole Milk: Around 140 Calories

With Low Fat Milk: Around 120 Calories

4. Coffee: Blended

Blended Coffee Drinks

Whether it’s a Starbucks “Frappuccino,” an “Ice Blended” from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, or a Peets “Freddo,” blended coffee drinks are quite the temptation. While these drinks are extremely delicious, they can wreak havoc on your waistline with some containing as many as 700 calories! Luckily many chains are offering “light” versions of their blended drinks that won’t do much damage to your diet.

Estimated Calories:

Light Blended Versions: Under 200 Calories

5. Coffee: Decaf

Decaf Coffee

Some drinkers switch to decaf for a variety of health concerns, but buyer beware: not all decaf coffee is good for you. Many decaf brands are full of chemicals used to extract the caffeine from the coffee. If you really need to go decaf, look for brands that use a Swiss Water Process- a chemical free technique used to decaffeinate coffee. And like the Americano, go easy on the cream and sugar if you’re watching your calories.

Estimated Calories:

Served Black: Around 5 Calories

With Cream and Sugar: Around 60 Calories

6. Coffee: Tea Latte

Tea Lattes

Many opt for tea lattes instead of coffee thinking that this may be the healthier option. However, this is definitely not the case, with many chai and green tea lattes running around 240 calories and loaded with sugar. If you really prefer tea instead of coffee, go for a modified version of a tea latte, by using bagged tea instead of the mix they use in the store. After the tea is brewed, ask the barista to add a pump of simple syrup, a touch of steamed milk, and top it off with some foam. This will bring down the calories significantly, while still giving you your latte fix.

Estimated Calories:

Modified Tea Latte: Under 100 Calories