End Your Holiday Fitness Rut with Celeb Trainer Gunnar Peterson's Easy Tips

Stay Fit & Sane With Celeb Trainer Gunnar Peterson’s Easy Tips

Photo: Personal trainer Gunnar Peterson debuts his hotel creation that he developed in partnership with James Beard Award-winning pastry chef and Cronut® creator Dominique Ansel – an in-room food and fitness routine – dreamed up by business travelers as part of the Hyatt Regency “It’s Good Not To Be Home” campaign.

The holiday season is upon us, which means a never-ending supply of freshly baked cookies and hibernating inside, right? Maybe for some, but for those who want to get a jumpstart on their New Year’s Resolutions, somewhat healthy eating and consistent exercises must start now.

We chatted with celebrity fitness guru Gunnar Peterson about keeping on top of your workouts, especially during the busy holiday season of shopping and traveling. Peterson, who happens to have his client La La Anthonys April 2010 cover of Latina signed and framed in his gym, teamed up with Hyatt Regency for the It’s Good Not to Be Home initiative – a program that takes guests out of their normal routine for the better.  The trainer worked with famous Cronut creator Dominique Ansel to develop meal and workout pairings that will be used for inspiration for future Hyatt Regency experiences and amenities.

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The three workouts include strength intensive, cardio intensive, and hybrid/cardio strength. “It says on each of the workouts, do this sequence, this many times. So if you can’t do it [that many times], you can pair it down. Do it twice, because that’s way better than the zero times you were going to do it,” Peterson says. And as for the meals, Peterson explains that the most important meal of the day (even more so than breakfast) is the post-workout fuel. “I think a lot of people don’t know that there’s a 30-60 minute window for that post-workout meal,” he said. “Now, Hyatt Regency has combined the fuel with the fitness so what you need post-workout from a macronutrient, protein, carb and fat standpoint is available to you. And finally, it has flavor.”

Aside from providing a step-by-step guide to the workout and meal, the program offers convenience its very best. “What I love is that they took the workouts and made them so accessible to people. They’re on a card – while you’re doing a push-up this could be right in front of you on the floor. And you can take this home and keep these workouts going,” Peterson told us. Despite the regimented program, the trainer recognizes that the holidays are a time for good food and family. “You’re going to go out of bounds during the holidays, but if you don’t go that far out or you balance with workouts, your out of bounds is less,” he noted.

Ahead, check out the Hyatt’s collaborative Fit & Fuel Pairings plan to follow all season long.

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