Go Green!

This Earth Day (April 22), try these cool products and services that are all about honoring Mother Nature. By Kenrya M. Rankin

1. Go Green 01

Acca Kappa Bioceta Line

You’ve gotta keep yourself beautiful; why not do it responsibly? This line of grooming products includes a comb, brush, toothbrush, nail and bath brushes, all made with natural cotton fibers and a non-toxic resin that biodegrades in just six months. Pick up a set and you’ll cut down on the 1.5 million tons of plastic dumped in landfills each year. ($6 - $49, shopaccakappa.com)

2. Go Green 02 Green Dimes

Green Dimes

No, you don’t have to spend money to stop junk mail from flooding your mailbox (click here if you’re cheap and have a lot of time on your hands). But sending $20 to Green Dimes will not only eliminate 75% to 90% of the unwanted catalogs and junk mail that are piling up near your front door, but the company will also plant 10 trees on your behalf. It’s like saving the planet in the future! ($20, greendimes.com)

3. Go Green 03 Smart Car

Smart Fortwo

Really want todo your part? Go all out and order this cute extra-compact ultra-low emission vehicle made by Mercedes Benz. It gets 40 miles per gallon in the city (45 on the highway) and releases minimal exhaust. Plus, at just 106 inches long, you’ll never again have a hard time parking. Comes in black, yellow (my fave!), white, and metallic blue, red and silver. ($11,590, smartusa.com)

4. Go Green 04 Farm Guide

Earthbound Farm’s Guide to Choosing Organics

Yeah, organic fruits and veggies seem to just taste better, but that’s not the only reason we should buy them: Farms that grow food organically use practices that protect the soil for future harvests and skip the pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that can be harmful to humans and other animals. Pick up this guide—it will take the guesswork out of eating organic. (Free, ebfarm.com)

5. Go Green 05 Green Toys

Green Toys

Made from 100% recycled plastic, these toys get the little ones in your life in on the act. From the Cookware and Dining Set to the Sand Play Set, these non-toxic toys are safe for the kiddies and the environment—you’ll keep milk jugs out of the landfill and lower the greenhouse emissions associated with new plastic production. ($20 - $40, greentoys.com)

6. Go Green 06 Stationery

Write Now Notes Stationery

Emails are trite. When you really care, go old school and send real notes. A box of this personalized stationery will help you make a bold, earth-friendly statement. Made from eco-friendly Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper, it’s not just beautiful, it’s smart. ($30/set of 24, writenownotes.com)