Get in Shape Like Your Fave Celeb This Spring!

Ever wonder how your favorite celebs stay in such great shape? Well, we've got their secrets, so before you start a new Spring regimen, check out these workouts! From Penelope Cruz's post-pregnancy plan to Sofia Vergara's curve-toning moves, there's something for everyone.

1. Stay fit while pregnant like . . . Jessica Alba

Stay fit while pregnant like Jessica Alba

Honor Marie’s mommy is making sure she looks fab in preparation for baby no. 2 by maintaining her exercise routine. She mixes the treadmill, stationary bike, pilates and yoga during daily 30-minute workouts. Her trainer, Ramona Braganza told Pregnancy magazine that “she also does biceps and triceps exercises both standing and squatting so her legs stay strong, which is important both for labor and while you’re pregnant.” See more of Braganza’s pregnancy workout tips here.


2. Work those curves like . . . Sofia Vergara

Work those curves like Sofia Vergara

Modern Family’s Colombian bombshell does everything in moderation. “I am not very obsessed with dieting and working out, but I always do it,” she recently told Shape magazine. She practices the Tracy Anderson method, which involves an hour of mat work that strengthens and tones small muscle groups and dance cardio to the beat of hip-hop and electronica. Read about it here.

3. Get ripped like . . . Cameron Diaz

Get ripped like Cameron Diaz

Lately, this California surfer chick has been taking her workout routine to another level with pro baller boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. Last month the pair was spotted in Miami hauling tracktor tires and tugging hard on a heavy rope, and just last week they were seen running around the University of Tampa’s track. According to her trainer, Teddy Bass, the statuesque blonde prefers an athletic physique. And needless to say, her buff shoulders and sculpted biceps and triceps have never looked more impressive. Click here for a sample workout from Bass.



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5. Loose the baby weight like . . . Penelope Cruz

Lose the baby weight like Penelope Cruz

Mrs. Bardem showed off her fabulous post baby bod in a slinky red dress at the Oscars in February just one month after giving birth to son Leo. Reportedly, the 36-year-old mama dropped 30 pounds after her pregnancy, during which she craved burgers and fries. Her secret? She cut out dairy, carbs and alcohol, and increased her workout regimen, which includes walking and swimming. To kick it into high gear, follow these tips from her trainer Gunnar Peterson.


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