Get Up, Get Out And Get Moving!

I always get questions like: What would you recommend for a woman who is super busy with a job, a kid and a husband at home to take care of? How do I make fitness a priority?

And my answer is always the same: If there’s a will, there's a way! This is hugely important to remember in today’s overworked, overstressed society. Would you ever forget to brush your teeth? Probably not. Why? Because you know the importance of having healthy teeth and because brushing twice a day has become part of your daily ritual. Plus, you probably don’t want to walk around with dragon breath. Well, exercise is just as important! The trick is figuring out ways to incorporate it into your daily routine. Now I know what you’re thinking. “But Phoenix, brushing your teeth takes 5 minutes tops!” Yes, this is true! But exercise is just as, if not more important to your health and your outward appearance.


1. I hate exercising, it’s boring.
Take a variety of classes. Find something that moves you. Get an iPod. Make a play list of your favorite songs and move. Even if it’s just you dancing around your apartment like a loca for 30 minutes, it doesn’t matter. Just muevete, girl!

2. I don’t have time!
Make time. If you have a family you can make it social, join family karate or join them when they are practicing their sport. If you’re single bring an amiga to the gym instead of going out for drinks. Hold the kicking pads for each other and get rid of the stress about the job and the man (or lack thereof) instead of just complaining while drinking a martini. Lunch breaks are also a really good time to workout. All you need is 3 days a week!

3. I don’t have money for a gym membership.
You can download exercise podcasts for your iPod and a lot of them are free! Exercise TV on demand is also free with cable, or you can buy some DVD's and set up a little gym at home. All you really need is some hand weights, a mat and an exercise ball. There are so many ways to get a good workout without spending too much money, this excuse just doesn’t cut it!

-Phoenix Carnevale