Gadget Guide: <i>Latina</i> Tries Out The New Wii Fit

It’s today’s big launch, and Latina tested it out just for you! It was no easy task; the Wii Fit turns your videogaming system into a lean, mean workout machine. It looks innocent enough when you open the surprisingly small box—a game disc that works with a standard Wii controller and a white Balance Board that you stand on to do your exercises—but boy do those little pieces pack a big punch. Just pop the game into the system, plug in the board and get ready to use your television to get in shape.

I tested the Wii Fit in a hotel room, in front of a TV much bigger than my own, and it was there that I fell in love with the fact that I could seriously stop paying for my gym membership. First, the system prompted me to step on the board and recorded my current body condition, asking for easy info (like my height) and seamlessly measuring my weight and balance. It then calculated my Body Mass Index (BMI) and my Fit Age, which I can use as a ruler to judge my progress. I was able to chose goals, such as lowering my BMI or dropping my age by a couple of years.

Then I dove right into the yoga practice, trying my hand at Tree Pose, one of my favorite positions. This board is amazingly accurate—anytime my weight shifted a fraction of an inch toward my toes or the outside of my foot, the on-screen trainer recognized it and told me how to correct my form. It’s truly like having a trainer positioning your feet correctly and checking your posture, so it’s great for novice exercisers and gym rats alike.

Then I wanted to get some aerobics in, so I put the controller in my pocket and set up a run through the park. On-screen, a little guy acted as my pace setter, and I just had to jog and try to keep up with him as we toured a lovely park. The controller registered each step I took and monitored my speed, distance traveled and calories burned. It was the closest thing to running in Central Park without having to leave the house, perfect for late-night workouts.

You’ll need to get a Wii if you don’t have one, but the inexpensive system ($90, includes more than 40 activities and exercises, including strength training, aerobics, yoga and balance games (try the hula hoop game!). It even charts progress for up to eight users, so you can see just how hard you’re kicking your boyfriend’s butt. Pick one up today!

-Kenrya M. Rankin