6 Fitness Alternatives for Ladies Who Hate the Gym

Breaking a sweat on the daily is important for overall wellness, but everyone knows hitting the gym is not always at the top of their list of favorite things to do. Here are some fitness and workout alternatives for the non-gym rat:

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1. Fitness Alternatives: Dance Classes

Dance Classes

Dancing doesn't get enough credit. Oftentimes, dance, whether in the club or in a more formal setting, is seen as just a fun activity, but it actually is a form of cardio that will help you burn calories. Try signing up for group or couple classes, such as salsa, ballroom or hip-hop. Just wait and see how good of a workout you get!

2. Fitness Alternatives: Zumba


And if you want to continue on the dance bandwagon, give zumba a try. You'll hardly realize you're working out during these high-intensity dance sessions that will pump you up with some of the best music around.

3. Fitness Alternatives: Yoga


Another common misconception: Yoga isn't a workout. But most yogis know that even a short meditation session will help them break a serious sweat. For an even better change at raising your heart rate, try vinyasa or bikram yoga.

4. Fitness Alternatives: Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing may be a new concept to the fitness world, but it's certainly nothing new otherwise. Training studios are popping up all over, teaching women the art of dancing on a pole. The skill isn't just sexy, though. Those brave enough to try will admit that it will seriously test your arm and leg strength, and get your heart rate pumping like it would on the treadmill.

5. Fitness Alternatives; Barre


That ballet body you always dreamt of? Barre will get you there. The intense workout combines rhythmic movements and strength training to target just about every area you're thinking of.

6. Fitness Alternatives: Home workouts

Work From Home

More often than not, it's the idea of getting to the gym rather than actually working out that's stopping us from getting a sweat sesh in. The solution? Working out from home. All you need is a little space, and no equipment whatsoever for any sort of quick HIIT moves or strength training.