Get Fab & Fit With Flor, Your New Workout Inspiration

Flor de Maria/Fitness
Flor De Maria

How are those New Year's fitness resolutions going? 

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Whether you've stayed on top of your game or have hit a wall, there's always room for improvement or extra motivation. That's where fashion and fitness blogger Flor de Maria Rivera comes into play. The TV host, stylist, and entrepreneur was always used to lacing up her stilettos, but more recently discovered her passion for lacing up gym sneaks.

"I always wanted to look good," she explained. "I’ve always had a trainer, on and off since my 20s. I would do it, and then I would stop. I never found something that I loved. I’ve always said, 'I want be the best version of myself.'" Though Flor kept at it, she needed the extra push when she turned 40-years-old. It was then that she met professional boxer Tony Johnson. 

From then on, Flor put on her boxing gloves as a regular part of her fitness regimen. "Once I tried it, I was hooked," she said. "I felt, not only physically was I looking better, but it gave me an inner strength." Flor, like most, also found improvements in her overall wellness and mental health after doing the high-intensity workout. "I feel when you work out, it’s like that hour you have where all your problems go away and everything just vanishes, and I wanted to prove to myself that no matter how old you are, you can always reach your goals," she explained.

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The fashionista credits Johnson for pushing her in the boxing ring. "He’s tough with me," she said. "Tony holds me accountable, like when it comes to working out. He makes no excuses." It's no surprise, then, that she's just about mastered every kick and jab in the ring. 

Lucky for us, Flor is excited and willing to share her skills with Latina readers. All month long, we'll be releasing boxing tutorials as part of the Fab & Fit with Flor fitness series, so you can get toned and strong just like her. Stay tuned on our Instagram (@latina), with #FabFitFlor, every Sunday for all the sweat and fun!